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One of the longest running ETF-based asset management solutions in the country. Designed on the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory, the system combines managed asset allocation, low costs, tax efficiency, transparency, and professional investment management.


Offers essential strategic asset allocation available in seven risk-based models ranging from conservative to aggressive based on client’s goals, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon

Account Minimum: $10,000


Features a more robust and diversified strategic asset allocation than TOPS® Core, while maintaining the same seven risk-based models.

Account Minimum: $100,000


Provides access to the robust TOPS® models, but also utilizes various bond managers for high net worth clients to achieve the favorable tax treatment of individual municipal bonds and flexibility for other securities.

Account Minimum: $1,000,000

Six Strategic Benefits

1. Professional Management

The Optimized Portfolio System (TOPS®) was developed and is currently managed by an investment team comprised of distinguished individuals including a number of CFAs (Chartered Financial Analysts®) and experienced investment managers.

2. Consistency

The TOPS® Management Team employs a disciplined strategy that takes a long-term investment perspective. They have found exchange traded funds (ETFs) to be reliable tools when constructing diversified portfolios that experience minimal style drift.

3. Goal Based

The TOPS® Portfolios are designed to match an investor’s specific goals with the portfolio that suits their time-horizon and risk tolerance. The TOPS® models work to address conservative, short-term needs, as well as long-term aggressive growth strategies and several variations in between.

4. Low Cost

ETFs commonly track market indices which can result in lower average portfolio expense ratios. ETFs are also designed with inherent administrative efficiencies that work to provide additional cost savings to investors.

5. Tax Efficiency

In general, ETFs are considered tax-efficient, pooled investment vehicles. They attempt to limit the number of transactions that cause realizations of capital gains during an investment period. By limiting turnover and selectively redeeming shares when necessary, ETF managers work to provide inherent tax savings to investors.

6. Transparency & Liquidity

The underlying holdings of each ETF are published daily by their providers and trade intra-day like a stock, allowing the TOPS Management team to react in a timely manner to important information and changes in market conditions.

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