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For years, people have focused intensely on accumulating enough assets. However, the biggest risks facing retirees occur during the income distribution phase – when we retire and begin to live on our retirement savings. A proper distribution plan should cover three important checkpoints to meet its objective. The RISK ProcessTM incorporates all these steps into one comprehensive plan.

1. Transition from Asset Allocation to Income Allocation

Traditional investment management focuses on asset allocation. However, once we retire and begin withdrawing money, everything changes. The focus shifts to turning these assets into life-long income streams that provide for our needs and wants throughout retirement.

To effectively make the transition from accumulating assets for retirement to distributing assets during retirement, The RISK Process™ helps you: Reassess your available assets and redeploy them most efficiently into various income solution as needed

2. Determine Your Withdrawal Percentage

When it comes to determining whether or not we are financially prepared to retire, the typical question is, “Do I have enough money?” However, the real question is not how much money we have but rather, “What percentage of savings can I withdraw each year to meet my income needs throughout retirement?” The RISK Process™ enables you to build a retirement income plan based on a withdrawal rate that helps ensure you won’t run out of money during retirement.

3. Risk Management

Ultimately, the decisions we make during the risk management process will largely depend on individual situations and attitudes toward the various risks. The goal is to decide, based on our personal circumstances and overall tolerance to the various risks, how much risk we are comfortable retaining versus transferring to a third party.

RISK Strategies

Retirement Income Events

Deferred Compensation

Stock Options (Incentive & Non-Qualified)

Net Unrealized Appreciation

Pension Election Analysis

Social Security Optimization

Roth Conversion

Bucketing Investment Strategy

What If Events

Sale of Business

Downsizing Homes

Large Future Purchases

Assumed Inheritance

Bucketed Income Planning

Survivorship Planning

Effects of a Long Term Care Event

Estate Planning

Estate Tax Liability Analysis

Annual Gifting Strategies

Charitable Remainder Trust

Wealth Replacement

Private Loan Regime Split Dollar / ILIT

529 Planning

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