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The ARC Process is a goals-based planning process designed to aid individuals through the asset accumulation phase of their lives. The analysis includes emergency, retirement savings & education, as well as survivorship needs. A proper accumulation plan should cover three important checkpoints to meet its objective.The ARC Process™ incorporates all these steps into one comprehensive plan.

1. Cash Flow Management

Directs how resources are earned, spent, and saved. It is the cornerstone of all accumulation plans.

2. Wealth Accumulation

Assesses your current financial position and identifies the most efficient path for reaching your ultimate objective.

3. Income Protection

Helps safeguard your path from obstacles that can prevent your financial goals from becoming reality.

ARC Strategies

Cash Flow Management

Debt Payoff

Large Future Purchases

Education Funding

Detailed Budget Modeling

Cash Reserves Analysis

Retirement Planning

Diversification 2.0 Planning

Retirement Gap Analysis

Annual Savings Recommendations

Social Security Optimization

Pension Election Analysis

Bucketing Investment Strategy

What If Events

Salary Increases or Bonuses

Business Buyouts

Upgrading Homes

Part-Time Work

Assumed Inheritance

Bucketed Income Planning

Survivorship Planning

Disability Planning

Effects of a Long Term Care Event

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